Mass++ (Ver.2)

*What is Mass++(Ver.2) ?

Mass++ is freeware for mass spectrometry data analysis developed and released by our FIRST ms3d project. It can load data files of various mass spectrometers, display data with various kinds of views, and analyze data by various kinds of analysis functions.

*Cite the following article when using Mass++.

Satoshi Tanaka, Yuichiro Fujita, Howell E Parry, Akiyasu C.Yoshizawa, Kentaro Morimoto, Masaki Murase, Yoshihiro, Yamada, Jingwen Yao, Shinichi Utsunomiya, Shigeki Kajihara, Mitsuru Fukuda, Masayuki Ikawa, Tsuyoshi Tabata, Kentaro,Takahashi, Ken Aoshima, Yoshito Nihei, Takaaki Nishioka, Yoshiya Oda, Koichi Tanaka,
“Mass++: A visualization and analysis tool for mass spectrometry”,
J. Proteome Res., 2014, 13 (8), pp 3846-3853

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*Mass++(Ver.2) Characteristics
Mass++ was developed to solve or compensate the problems of conventional software supplied with mass spectroscopes(※Click here to see the development ⇒ See the history). It has the following capabilities.

(1) Support for reading/writing various kinds of instrument data from multiple vendors => Input / output support
(2) Functionality and operability for life sciences => Primary functionality
(3) Expandability for users’ original functionality => Plug-in structure

*Software download
Mass++(Ver.2) is still being developed now. To help us achieve our aim of getting new requests and suggestions from a large amount of users, we will provide Mass++(Ver.2) freely. Please join us and send us any requests or suggestions you have.
=> The Open Sourcing of Mass++
=> Mass++ V2.7.4 download (Updated on Mar. 20, 2015 ReleaseNotes)
=> Tutorial (Updated on Sep. 14, 2012)
=> Beginners’ Guide (15.7MB, Updated on May. 15, 2014)
=> Sample program (Updated on Sep. 14, 2012)
=> PTM Librarian plug-in (Updated on Jun 10, 2014)

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